Top 10 most stunning islands in the world (Part 2)


Most of the places around the world are known to have solid ground on almost all its sides but what makes Islands so significant is the fact that they are surrounded by water on all sides. Unlike past times when tourism wasn’t very developed and difficulties existed in transporting to far of places, the islands of present-day are very well equipped with almost every possible facility and are therefore also selected as some of the best tourist destinations of the world.

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The entire nation of Maldives is home to some of the world’s most beautiful islands, but it’s the sea which truly makes this island shine like anything. With luminous aquamarine water and a crystal clarity of similarity with and Ultra HD TV is what makes these oceans of the best in the world. Consisting of 26 natural islands the Maldives archipelago is the planet’s lowest lying Nation rising no more than three metres above the sea level at its highest point. It is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in The World 2017.

Maldives (via Corporate Maldives)

Bali in Indonesia

This beautiful cultural and traditional Island is undoubtedly going to stand at the top of many lists especially because of the impression it strikes on the minds of anybody who enters this place. Firstly, it is especially known for a lot of temples, rice paddies and greens which make it some of the very few islands to be packed with so much of tradition. Also, it is an exotic Island which also supports surfing, swimming, and sunbathing.


Hawaii is undoubtedly the most famous Island in the world especially known as the 50th state of United States of America. The beautiful islands are home to many people, but it is especially known as a tourist spot that has brought about a lot of tourist attractions. Just by the sound of its name, most people agree that if there is anything called Paradise on Earth this place is surely one of them.

Hawaii Island (via

The Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

Unlike the name which reminds us of a dog breed, this place is beautiful enough for anybody to stay through their entire lifetime. A lot of villages, boutique hotels and restaurants are what make this gorgeous place beside the sea even more enticing and wanting. Pleasurable, in every way, it is filled with Gothic churches and a lot of old lanes without any cars and a fishing Harbor which makes it quite an interesting place different from the rest of the tourist Islands.


Fiji Island (via Captain Cook Cruises Fiji)

This beautiful island that belongs to the Australian continent, has a lot of connections with India, and is very famous for a fantasy that it makes true when you first visit that place. The people of Fiji to are known for being very friendly and are some of the prime causes for this place receiving that importance or position in this list. In order for an island to be beautiful it is also necessary that the people over there are friendly enough to allow us to understand its importance, and Fiji is exactly one such place. Laden with palm trees, it will surely make you feel the same at any part of its territory.

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