Useful tips for a cheap beach trips to Vietnam in peak season


Summer is a wonderful time to drop by Vietnam beaches. Yet, it is so-called peak traveling season, and prices will be much higher than that of other periods. To have a budget-friendly trips to Vietnam beaches in summer, do not miss the following tips.

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Avoid weekend trips

At any time, weekend is the best choice to plan a trip to the beach. Yet, it is a common thought; thus to avoid the weekend crowd, it is highly recommened to enjoy beach Vietnam holidays in the middle of week. Thursday seems to be the best time to approach the desired waterfront destinations in this countries, especially in Central provinces. Booking early on Tuesday is an advantageous way to receive lower airfare and accommodation rates. If traveling Vietnam in summer (from May to September), hitting the beach after International Labor Day is an ideal choice, as after the day, travelers can enjoy summer vacations in Vietnam with lower prices, fewer crowds and milder weather. To update the latest promotions on flights and hotels in Vietnam, do not forget to follow some of famous travel companies’ websites, such as of AloTrip which provides a wide range of information about Vietnam travel.

Avoid weekend trips (via TheSmartLocal)

Think outside the box

Wishing to have a wallet-friendly trips to Vietnam beaches, travelers are recommended to book hotel room in town or nearby business districts. Why? The beaches in Vietnam, especially ones in central coastal area, are full of luxury resorts and hotels which have higher rates than that of other budget accommodation. Therefore, the room rate is definitely higher than that in other areas. Although booking hotels in town or nearby business districts makes travelers not able to step from the sand, it will save your traveling budget with better lodging rates.

Looking into nontraditional lodging options is another way to save. Homestay services or making camps on the beach like have changed the vacation rental game: your options are no longer limited to hotel chains and bed-and-breakfasts. Not only does Homestay help travelers to save budget, but also a chance for them to explore more about the local life. Travelers can book directly with the host, but you can choose to rent everything from a private room, the entire house, a tree house or even a night on a boat. That will be wonderful experience in any Vietnam tours.

Travelers are recommended to book hotel room in town or nearby business districts (via Audley Travel)

Bargain, why not?

When visiting markets or night markets held in these beach cities in Vietnam, one of the most interesting things to do is bargaining. Despite the difference in languages, traveler can learn some Vietnamese words from locals. Don’t be pushy, but state your case as to why your rate is better than none at all. Sometimes there are unadvertised specials, especially for frequent visitors. If you play your cards right, you may not be granted a lower rate, but you could get upgraded.

Show up early

In tours to Vietnam beaches, another way to save your traveling expense is to become the early bird to get the worm. If travelers can take the first tour of the day, they might not have to get the tourist instruction script which is recited by the guide for many times. In addition, some destinations in Vietnam offer “early bird” promotions for travelers willing to visit right when it opens. These offers are also applies to resorts, hotels, bars and restaurants. The earlier you arrive, the more incentives and cheap rates you get, along with enjoying your happy time with your loved ones together.

Prepare in advance (via Travel Channel)

Prepare in advance

It is noted that traveling Vietnam in peak seasons means prices will be raised. If travelers can prepare the needs in advance, it is easy to avoid buying new (overpriced) items such as sunscreen, shampoo, soap, medicine and other toiletries. Also, travel can prepare food and drinks. It will be much more convenient and cost-effective if snacks and water can be packed for as many days as possible. With this same line of thinking, searching free activities before heading out on Vietnam summer vacations. It is easy to search for festivals and social events by simply seeking with Google or tourism websites such as Not only are these events budget-friendly, but also a great chance for travel to immerse into the local culture.

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